Sounds like a book

A microphone points to the inside of a copy of David George Haskell's 'Sounds Wild and Broken'.

BOOK REVIEWS Sounds like a book David George Haskell’s Sounds Wild and Broken (2022) seeks to establish sound as a new vital sign for the environment. It takes on more than it bargained for. Grace Field 1 November 2022 ★★★☆☆ As far as we know, for more than nine-tenths of its history, Earth lacked communicative […]

Protest isn’t noise

OPINION Protest isn’t noise When you describe the sound of protest as “noise” you deny its democratic function—and admit how much it bothers you. Protesters march across Vauxhall Bridge towards the American Embassy in London in defence of abortion rights. by Jay Richardson13th July 2022 “Woah, woah, woah, woah. No way!” yells Stop Brexit Man, […]

Traffic isn’t noise

Flowers spew out the exhaust pipe of a car

OPINION Traffic isn’t noise The way we conceive of traffic sounds reveals what we think of as worth hearing. by Jay Richardson 23 March 2022 Imagine you’re at an exhibition. There’s an installation on something like the Rochdale Co-op or trapezoids in postmodernist watercolours—it’s that kind of gallery. You step into a darkened room and […]