London flood locations in pictures

London flood locations in pictures Author Date Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Related subscribe to very occasional emails about new stories * indicates required email address * As much as we tried to capture the shock of last year’s events in Halfway […]

Floodlines: Rain sounds recomposed

Collage of a window with the sea behind it

Floodlines: Rain sounds recomposed Rain makes some of the world’s best-loved sounds. They’re even better coming from a giant plywood recorder. Jay Richardson and Olivia Petryszak21 July 2022 Throughout southern England, the second Monday of July last year started with rain. The rain turned into a downpour and the downpour turned into a flood. By […]

Halfway to Atlantis: Remembering the 2021 London floods

CLIMATE Halfway to Atlantis: Remembering the 2021 London floods One year on from some of London’s most severe surface flooding, comparative photography can help us trace the cycle of shock, cleanup, and forgetting that follows environmental disasters. Illustration by Cait Mack Words by Jay RichardsonPhotography by Paul Reinhard 25 July 2022 Ask anyone who was […]

Tall tree, loud robin

Sonograph of a London robin

Tall tree, loud robin Jay Richardson29 April 2022 Recording birdsong demands endless patience. Even if you find an environment where birds are likely to be, at the right time of year, at the right time of day, the bird itself might be too far away to hear, or obscured by some other sound. That’s if […]

Marsham Street’s parliament of trees

A London Plane tree stands outside the Home Office on Marsham Street during protests against the government's new asylum policy.

Marsham Street’s parliament of trees Jay Richardson24 April 2022 Plants appear in political scenes all the time: they’re street furniture. Look at a photo of any military parade or protest, for example, and you’ll more than likely see trees in the background.  They also exert political power in the way that they shape the landscape. […]

Cherry blossom, Highbury Fields

Cherry blossom in Highbury Fields

Cherry blossom, Highbury Fields Highbury Fields is Islington’s largest park, since nearby Clissold Park is technically in Hackney. It was bought for a public park in 1885 while various speculators developed the surrounding area into housing. Most of the park’s avenues are lined with London Plane trees. Islington Council is consulting on improvements to Highbury […]

Traffic isn’t noise

Flowers spew out the exhaust pipe of a car

OPINION Traffic isn’t noise The way we conceive of traffic sounds reveals what we think of as worth hearing. by Jay Richardson 23 March 2022 Imagine you’re at an exhibition. There’s an installation on something like the Rochdale Co-op or trapezoids in postmodernist watercolours—it’s that kind of gallery. You step into a darkened room and […]

London floods: On microphones and water

Water shoots from the tops of fossil fuel power station pipes in an allegory for the causes and effects of the 2021 London floods.

On microphones and water As rain spills into destruction during the summer 2021 London floods, the violence and disruption of the climate crisis is getting louder. Jay Richardson27 January 2022 Rain sounds good. Just as the crackling of a log fire—another staple of the sleep-sounds industrial complex—subconsciously reminds you of warmth, rain sounds speak of […]

The unique and mysterious life of a London city park

The unique and mysterious life of a London park It doesn’t look like a wild ecosystem, but point your ears at Weavers Fields and you might be surprised. Jay Richardson30 December 2021 The year is 1965. You’re walking on an open green where, only ten years ago, the houses that had survived London’s wartime bombing […]

The curious sound of the void

The curious sound of the void There’s a river in central London, but not the kind of watery soundscape you might have expected. Jay Richardson15 December 2021 On an ordinary Tuesday, I awoke at 6:15am (to my dog’s great surprise). I had a plan: to go down to the River Thames at Millennium Bridge and […]