Sounds like a book

A microphone points to the inside of a copy of David George Haskell's 'Sounds Wild and Broken'.

BOOK REVIEWS Sounds like a book David George Haskell’s Sounds Wild and Broken (2022) seeks to establish sound as a new vital sign for the environment. It takes on more than it bargained for. Grace Field 1 November 2022 ★★★☆☆ As far as we know, for more than nine-tenths of its history, Earth lacked communicative […]

A robin’s song to hurt your ears

robin song

A robin’s song to hurt your ears A tiny robin’s song in the dawn chorus approaches frequencies at the limits of human hearing. A spectrograph of a robin’s song. Jay Richardson27 May 2022 On a list of very loud sounds, birdsong would probably land very near the bottom. Of course, anything could hurt your ears […]

Silence and chaos and birds in between

dawn chorus

Silence and chaos and birds in between Diagram of a wren’s song in the dawn chorus. Jay Richardson1 May 2022 A dawn chorus contains so much joyful chaos: that’s what makes it a chorus. For pure density of sound, most green spaces at dawn in springtime could give Piccadilly Circus a run for its money. […]

Tall tree, loud robin

Sonograph of a London robin

Tall tree, loud robin Jay Richardson29 April 2022 Recording birdsong demands endless patience. Even if you find an environment where birds are likely to be, at the right time of year, at the right time of day, the bird itself might be too far away to hear, or obscured by some other sound. That’s if […]