Alice Boyd. Photo by Kanahaya Alam

From The Understory / Alice Boyd’s immersive debut EP

The acclaimed sound artist talks theatre, field recording, and ecological metaphysics.

“Never before heard by humans” / Alice Boyd’s ‘From The Understory’ single

Artists from 'Separation.' Photo by Kanahaya Alam.

‘Separation’ deftly mixes plant electrode data with a compelling musical current.

Friday 24th February 2023

Floodlines: Rain sounds recomposed

Collage of a window with the sea behind it

Rain makes some of the world’s best-loved sounds. They’re even better coming from a giant plywood recorder.

Wednesday 20th July 2022

Classical music education and the sour taste of ‘greats’

An attitude of ‘duty’ to undertake classical music education from ‘expertise’ arguably demonstrates paternalism under the guise of community care.

Monday 4th April 2022