editorial policies

We adhere to the IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice. For complaints, please see our Complaints and Corrections Policy.

We never commission work where its solicitation or publication would undermine industrial action, and we never cross picket lines, NUJ or otherwise.

Policies for communications professionals

We treat conversations with communications professionals and people speaking to us in an official capacity as on the record, with named attribution, by default. We will not accept information from spokespeople off the record, on background, or without an individual named attribution in the absence of a specific reason we can articulate to readers.

If you send information labelled “background” to the sonification, we will ignore it and ask for an attributable statement. If you still can’t give an attributable statement, we’ll print “declined to comment on the record” or “declined to give an attributable statement,” whichever is most appropriate.

Please see our September 2023 editorial for a more detailed explanation of our background policy.