Calder Hall and British-American nuclear diplomacy

On 17 October 1956, Queen Elizabeth II opened Calder Hall, the world’s first commercial nuclear power station, at Sellafield, on the western coast of Cumbria. The two Windscale Piles preceded it in 1950 and ‘51. Both produced plutonium-239 for early British nuclear weapons.

Cassant et sec: Londres dans la vague de chaleur

La pelouse spacieuse d’un parc est-londonien, atteignant 37 degrés Celsius, se transforme en vide aride. Le bruissement sec des feuilles mortes se fait entendre partout. Elles se dispersent au parc, sur la rue que je prends en route pour le train, dans les caniveaux, et sur les allées. L’air chaud qui passe comme vente ne… Continue reading Cassant et sec: Londres dans la vague de chaleur

A southern English forest in pictures and sounds

For all the stories and statistics, woods can become distant from everyday life. Micheldever Wood is a mixed broadleaf-conifer woodland in Hampshire that contains many of the signature characteristics of a British forest.

London’s heat wave in sounds and pictures

Outside an electrical box with an active air vent to stay functional at 37 degrees. Several planes fly overhead, and around 1’12” you can hear a dry branch chrashing to the ground and dispersing a flock of pigeons. Vans and cyclists pass and you can also hear the incredibly dry ground underfoot. by Jay Richardson

July 2022 in sounds and pictures

Public space is contested visually and sonically17th July 2022 The soundscape is a vital refuge for protesters15th July 2022 Returning the gaze of police surveillance13th July 2022 Even before the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill began threatening protest rights, a red van with the license plate LB21 YNG began turning up at police-attended events… Continue reading July 2022 in sounds and pictures