What does the climate crisis feel like?

If you want to know about the effects of the climate and ecological crises, all you have to do is look around you.

That’s what we do at the sonification, just with more microphones than you might usually carry. We also read the environment sections of major newspapers a lot, even though it’s so boring that we literally started our own news platform out of desperation.

We cover life in the climate crisis.

Meet the team

Jay Richardson

Jay is a composer and field recordist. His most recent work studied modes of listening in Hong Kong, funded by the Finzi Trust, and performances of masculinity in New York City, supported by MISE-EN_PLACE. He was formerly Organ Scholar at Union Chapel, London, and Composer in Residence at Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Sally Raudon

Sally is a social anthropologist. Her PhD at Cambridge University is about Hart Island in New York City, examining citizenship and death. She has previously written on the Commonwealth and the Eurozone Crisis. You can read her academic work in The Shapeshifting Crown and this journal (about Hart Island) and this blog (ditto), amongst others. Sally is a New Zealander, and in a former life she worked in crisis communications.